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Crime Prevention, Parole, & Prison Reform

Crime in communities live is increasing at an alarming rate. In my 37-year federal law enforcement career I was involved with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and with the Laredo Police Department before that. Over the years I have realized and determined that a significant portion of crime is related to drug trafficking and vice-versa. In addition, it has been my experience that many drug trafficking organizations subsequently convert to Trans-National Criminal Organizations (TCO’s) that are involved in all manner of crimes, including extortion, kidnapping, human trafficking, migrant smuggling, theft, prostitution, piracy, theft of intellectual property and other violations of law.

I have served as a high-level supervisor in DEA and developed Metropolitan Enforcement Teams that provide federal assistance to state, local and tribal governments that were being challenged by high crime rates. I have the knowledge, skills and abilities required to leverage federal and state resources (personnel, equipment) and funding to address crime problems of any genre within the jurisdiction that may fall under my District. I would also propose to develop Joint Jurisdictional Task Forces, a proven model, to deal with specific crime issues such as gun violence, auto theft, or other prevalent crimes in the district.

Human Trafficking is an offshoot of illegal immigration. Human trafficking is the enslavement of a person for profit. Unfortunately, it is happening right now and to a lot of people women, men and children regardless of race or nationality. It usually starts with immigrants who are traveling to the United States because they are a vulnerable population. This problem is all over in major cities in the United States, major cities such as the Houston Metropolitan area. We have this happening right under our noses. The slavery of days past is happening again and people are not noticing it or doing anything about it. We need to address and stop this because it is inhuman and immoral.

I have the knowledge, skills and abilities required to leverage federal & state resources such as personnel, equipment, and funding to address crime problems of any genre within this jurisdiction of District 28. 

On the subject of parole, parole violators must be mandatorily returned to prison. Too many are committing crimes while on parole and are not returned to prison. For example, Deputy Sandeep Dhaliwal was killed by a three year fugitive parolee that the parole board choose not return him to prison after he violated parole for a violent crime and there are many similar cases such as this. Once elected, I will immediately sponsor legislation to return parole violators to prison. One strike, you're out.

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