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Gun Ownership, Gun Violence & The Second Amendment

Come and Take It. Our Constitution and all its amendments are sacrosanct. The 2nd Amendment anchors our rights to bear and possess arms. Francis “Beto” O’Rourke cannot have any of my guns, rifles or other weapons, whether it’s my AR-15 or any other rifle. Here are a few of my thoughts on mass shootings and the guns used to commit those crimes. 


1. It's the killer, not the gun, that makes a life end.

2. It's the driver, not the car, that causes the crash.

3. It's the smoker, not the smoke, that provokes his own death.


Our Constitution was a divine instrument written by anointed men who understood that the right to protect ourselves, (our homes, properties and persons,) was more than a right, but rather a necessity that would transcend time. If we defile the 2nd amendment, then we begin to tear away at the fabric of the blanket of protection that shrouds our society. As policy makers, our elected officials should look at the degradation of the respect of family elders and other authority figures in schools that has led to anger, hate, bullying, disrespect and revenge. These are the root causes of the murderous acting-out that we have witnessed.


 1. If you take away the gun, they will use a car,

2. If you take away the rifle, they will make a homemade bomb,

3. If you take way the knife, they will use fire.


Murder is not caused by the instrument, it is caused by a person. A gun without the shooter is an inert piece of steel. The man who has not been taught well, that has not learned discipline and control, who has no faith to guide his soul is the crooked man that does not walk a straight path.It is our society that needs fixing, not our gun laws.

Let's find and define a social solution to these mass shootings. Let us not address our dilemma with a reactive repression of our Constitutional rights to protect our families and our homes. There is a social phenomenon that has translated to mass shootings that we are experiencing throughout the nation, including Texas. There are a number of issues that need to be addressed, and I don’t think our government, at the state and local level, has reached the root of the cause that is causing this violence.

Why all of the sudden is this happening? We need to determine the motivations of these shooters. Right now we are having a knee-jerk reaction by only focusing on guns. It is like blaming the car in the car accident. We are trying to blame the instrument, not the motivation nor the person behind the action.

Addressing gun violence requires a strategic and researched approach I understand there is an urgency to this given the fact that this violence is happening more and more. But, there is not enough attention being given to the links between the incidents. As Representative, my approach would be to create a task force to truly address this problem.

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