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School Safety

 This begins at home, the parents who make up the current generation have little to no discipline over their children. We live in a society that is too permissive and in one where parents defer interaction with their children to a video games or computers. I believe that social inadequacies are to cause of bullying, school shootings, and other cultural failings that we are experiencing as a society today.

It starts with the parents, parents must interact with and discipline their children in order to make them respectful and meaningful contributors to society. Do not blame the teachers. The teachers are only teaching the students that they are provided by society. If a student readily accepts the lessons of education and cultural enrichment that teachers provide, then those students will become better people.

In the meantime, if we try and adjust the cultural behavior of our student populations, perhaps return to corporal punishment in schools as my generation experienced, we may see a reduction in student hate crimes, bullying and mass shootings. I support the possession of firearms by teachers and the support of developing protections that includes immunity for teachers, good Samaritan students and first responders who act against dangerous students or student who are armed with weapons in schools.

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