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Why vote for Gary J. Hale?

“To Protect and Serve. That’s what I did, that’s what I do.” I have adopted this as my campaign slogan to demonstrate that I have a life-long legacy of public service starting with volunteering as a high school student, to 6-years of military service during the Vietnam War to a 31-year career with the DEA.

During my career, I have worked at various levels of many social issues. Those levels include working undercover on the street, tactical level as well as conducting long-term investigations of 3-5 years of an Operational level to working as a Regional Chief of Intelligence responsible for developing Strategy along the U.S.-Mexico border. To provide the U.S. Congress and the President and his Cabinet with the information that they needed to make sound policy decisions. 

I have served as an instrument of policy and those experiences have enabled me to now make policy with a well-seasoned skill set for the position of Representative for Texas House District 28.

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